A piece of jewellery must be beautiful. It must be a small piece of art
that brings joy to the wearer. It brings joy to the giver, just as it
brought me joy to create it.”
- Bent Gabrielsen.

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BENT GABRIELSEN is a Danish goldsmith, a worthy representative
of Danish Design. This film features his life and work as recounted
by himself during the course of a day. It is a low-key, poetic film,
illustrating his daily life, his working habits, his memories of his
childhood and of the Second World War period, and his views on
contemporary craftsmanship.

BENT GABRIELSEN has won many prizes and has had many exhibitions
around the world, in Japan and elsewhere. For all this
recognition, he is still a very modest man. He lives in beautiful surroundings,
close to a lake where silence and nature are united.
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Altar and Silver, Brændkjær Church, Kolding
Altar and Silver, Simon Peter's Church, Kolding
Bent and Tove at the lake near by "Fiskenæs" their home, studio and workshop

This film was produced with support from The Velux Foundation
in recognition of Goldsmith Bent Gabrielsen's life-long, dedicated effort.