The project includes one part, played by Benedikte Hansen, and the voice over of a man, played by Runi Lewerissa.
"JUST A DIVA " is a story about a woman who wanted to become a singer but never made it. The film will include lots of dialogue, and the story is breathtaking. It's filmed in one room! Including tableau takes from 6 different locations in nature. We'll be experimenting with the postproduction, to see whether a man's voice over will work, or whether we have to turn it into an interview-like situation, or whether we want a man's voice at all...!

"JUST A DIVA " will really move your feelings. Women will love this film! Most men won't... They will love it too if they dare to feel the person's sorrow and pain about lost life and let it in...

If you know someone who may be interest in sponsoring the project, please let us know .